Enhancing Workplace Well-being Through Secure and Efficient Cycle Parking Solutions

Posted on 28th May 2024

Enhancing Workplace Well-being Through Secure and Efficient Cycle Parking Solutions

Commuting by bike and cycling for leisure has seen a huge increase in recent years. Cycling UK’s report in February 2022 quoted that usually UK cyclists clock up on average 3.30 billion miles in the UK but in 2020 that rose to 5.03 billion miles.

As a Facilities or Building Manager, you may have seen the evidence of this in crowded cycle parking facilities or even a rise in enquiries and demands for more or better facilities. Maybe your organisation has introduced a Cycle to Work Scheme and new facilities are required to cater for cycling commuters.

There are many different solutions available depending on space availability, budget and location but security is also a factor. Is your site secure or is the site accessible to the public?

Sheltered Cycle Storage for Multiple Bikes

The Stoke Shelter is a very popular workplace cycle parking solution due to its budget price. It features a barrel-shaped design that overhangs the bicycle parking spaces ensuring water runs off away from the front and keeps the bikes and cyclist locking their bikes dry.

Stoke shelter with Sheffield Toastrack

As standard the shelter comes in 4-metre bays and can hold up to 10 bikes using a Sheffield Toast Rack – the shelter can also be extended in 4, 8, 12, 16 + metres to suit your space. Stoke’s can also be upgraded with gates to the front or made into a compound to give the bikes some further protection from the elements and security from theft.

Stoke Compound and gated stoke shelter

Bike Lockers

Individual bike lockers are also popular as they keep bikes safe from prying eyes and can store clothes and helmets inside too. We have Lockers made from strong and robust materials such as metal or hard-wearing polymer but also from 100% recycled material otherwise destined for UK landfill sites.

Our Lockerpods are available in a range of styles and colours to either blend in or stand out in any setting. The 'Lockerpod +' is Sold Secure Gold Approved, providing security for up to four bikes and made from 100% recyclable materials. These lockers come fully assembled and can be easily positioned by two people. Installation is hassle-free and suitable for most external surfaces, requiring no groundwork other than bolting them to the ground, making it a convenient and quick solution for secure and sheltered bike parking.

Lockerpod + and lockerpod dual

Cycle Compounds

When security and aesthetics are important, consider our range of cycle compounds, such as the timber-clad Deacon Shelter, which comes in various finishes to match your building’s facade. The Deacon shelters offer a selection of timber cladding options, including thermo-treated pine, hardwood, and stained wood, and can be powder-coated in any RAL colour. Additionally, they can feature a green sedum roof for environmental benefits.

These compounds provide enhanced security and shelter for bikes, accessible via fobs and swipe cards distributed to staff. Standard sizes range from 4 to 8 meters, and custom sizes can be manufactured to meet your specific needs.

Deacon Shelter compound

Cycle Racks

But what about the actual racks? The most popular option is the Sheffield stand, which is ideal for short stays. However, for longer stays, such as for commuters, you'll need racks with enhanced security features to ensure staff can park their bikes confidently and securely. We offer the Street Stand, which includes two additional locking points to secure the entire bike. It has a Sold Secure Gold security rating due to an angled steel insert within the main hoop, making it more difficult for bike thieves to cut through.Reinforced street stand

For even greater security, we offer the Streetpod. Rated Sold Secure Diamond, the highest level of bicycle security, the Streetpod is also Secured by Design accredited and officially recommended by UK Police through the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ program.

Streetpods with 10 spaces to park bikes

The pods securely hold a bike with just one lock and are made from 100% recycled material that would otherwise end up in UK landfill sites. They come in a range of colours and stone-effect finishes and can be customised with decals for branding and informational purposes.

Thanks to their weight and design, Streetpods can be placed on existing surfaces without the need for groundwork. Installation is straightforward, requiring only bolting to the ground once in position.

Space-saving Cycle Parking

Do you have lots of bikes but not much space? Maximize your area by installing two-tier racks. Their lift-assist mechanism makes them easy to use and highly space-efficient. Ideal for office basements, these racks can double the available cycle parking spaces.

easylift premium cycle rack

The Easylift Premium Two Tier stands are industry-leading, the best-selling, and most popular two-tier system in Europe. The racks feature gas-assist lifts, so users don't have to lift the full weight of their bikes. The easy-glide casters provide smooth and quiet operation, making the upper tier accessible to cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Each bike is held separately and securely in its own trough, preventing bikes from knocking into each other or getting tangled. The design includes wide-space troughs to accommodate tire widths of up to 50mm and generous spacing for pannier racks. Additionally, plastic grip handles offer a better grip and easy use year-round, unlike metal handles that can get cold in winter.

What is the Sold Secure Rating?

Sold Secure is the premier British testing and certification body for all security products. They work with the home office, police and insurers to set the industry standards for security product testing with the ratings Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

Here is a list of our products that have been tested by Sold Secure;

The Benefits of Workplace Cycle Parking

  • Improved Employee Health and Wellbeing - Promotes physical activity, leading to healthier employees.
  • Attraction and Retention of Talent - Demonstrates a commitment to employee welfare and sustainability
  • Environmental Benefits - Encouraging cycling reduces the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Increased Employee Punctuality - Cycling can be a more reliable mode of transport than driving or public transit.
  • Promotion of a Positive Company Culture - Supporting cycling can foster a culture of health, well-being, and environmental responsibility within the workplace.
  • Compliance with Local Regulations and Incentives that encourage or require businesses to provide cycling facilities.
  • Security and Peace of Mind - Secure cycle parking reduces the risk of bike theft, giving

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