The War on Plastic - Recycled Plastic in the Loop Range

Posted on 24th August 2021

The War on Plastic - Recycled Plastic in the Loop Range

Loop Picnic is a collaboration, designed by AART and out-sider. The recycled version is Nordic Ecolabelled, promoting a circular economy and fulfilling the UN’s sustainable development goal of responsible consumption and production. 

The circular economy aims to design out waste in order to increase the well being of both humanity and the environment. Our designers across all fields are moving from the traditional TAKE-MAKE-DISPOSE model to one that has a closed loop, where materials are continuously reused.

The recycled version of Loop is made from 100% recycled polyethylene plastic of which a huge 85% comes from internal waste and production surplus. The remaining 15% comes from polyethylene bags. 

Loop Cone and the six Loop Up seats allow for small, informal seating groups within communal areas. 

Sitting together has always been the basis for communication.

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