The Futuristic Office

Posted on 7th October 2020

The Futuristic Office

With the majority of us now working at home in front of our monitors, we have to question what actually is the purpose of a shared office space? Is there anything that can't be replaced by a Zoom call? And of course there is! People will still travel to the office, it may now be staggered, it will still be necessary and most definitely preferable to be physically with your colleagues, at times.

However, what if companies opted for smaller satellite offices nearer employee’s homes as opposed to huge headquarters? Our desire for public transport has of course dwindled, our need to be amongst large groups of people now feels careless, and there is now a momentum to alter the rat race as we once knew it. Do we actually want to return to the time challenges and constraints that the commute offered up?

Before Covid, humanity was beginning to question, make steps toward a more flexible and remote approach to the traditional way of working, now we are seeing the need to fully embrace this seed of change. The office must now be viewed in a different light and repurposed. We can add a new and exciting energy into the grey life sapping rows of desks. The office can now be seen as a hub, to be energetic and productive. The more focused part of work can be done in the peace and quiet of your own home. Productivity is by the way up!

Our desire to feel safe at work will now shape how our office space looks, pods rather than vast open plans, flexibility rather than restriction, physical reassurance will be key. The new Covid office can be everything we once longed for.

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