Sustainable Cities - What will they include?

Posted on 23rd February 2021

Sustainable Cities - What will they include?

Promoting cycling and walking will be key. The benefits are numerous including reduced congestion, improved air quality, better health equalling the reduction of health costs.

Urban Planning will include local hubs, to provide services for the local community and negate the need to commute and travel. People's homes will become their office and our homes will be situated near our jobs which will reduce congestion, the spread of disease and improve emissions.

There will be an increased emphasis on congestion charging in order to promote more sustainable travel and discourage the use of fossil fuels.

The provision of electric vehicle charging points will increase as the uptake grows. Electric scooters and other small vehicles will be key for short journeys.

After energy consumption, food consumption is our biggest source of emissions, followed by transport and consumables. Urban growing will literally grow! Rooftop and vertical gardens will become the norm, land reallocation will allow for more allotments and children will be taught a more sustainable approach to food and growing. Shopping will include outdoor farmers markets. 

We will improve our relationship to nature and make more space for it. The inclusion of urban planting will be vital to improve biodiversity and local air quality.

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