Sustain and Maintain

Posted on 2nd August 2021

Sustain and Maintain

We would all agree that our awareness of sustainability for the future is advancing particularly amongst the younger generation of consumers. As the demand for a greener future arises and awareness grows within industry; design companies and architects are beginning to consider their products from an impactful stance.

If you are not a sustainable business going forward, will you have a business to sustain in the future?

It is important to continue forward with the momentum that is driving many new processes in street furniture design. Both sustainable products, green material principles and circular recycling economy are key to a successful future on planet earth.

Both landscape architects and street furniture designers must now consider the overall ecological impact of each and every project. Including materials and products used.

Green innovations and creativity are the driving force for future projects. Both aesthetics and materials are key, reused materials, recycled and upcycled materials, plastics, and bio-based composites, FSC certified wood and metal materials are all to be considered.

The circular economy aims to design out waste in order to increase the well being of both humanity and the environment. Many designers across all fields are moving from the traditional TAKE-MAKE-DISPOSE model to one that has a closed loop, where materials, nutrients and data are continuously repurposed.

New tools such as artificial intelligence, the internet, and biomimicry mean our design ambitions and constructions are now only limited by our imagination. Creativity has never been more important and a new mindset for business is emerging.

The traditional line of thinking in product design is no longer relevant or defensible. The new circular economy concept goes further, expecting more of a company, where everything now will be engineered to be constantly reused or recycled. It requires a total rethinking of architecture, design, manufacturing, selling, reusing, recycling and consumerism to keep all resources in use and out of the ground for as long as possible. Extracting maximum value from each material and end product.

As the EU has now set challenging waste targets our industry has to take note. The proposals ban sending plastics, wood, textiles and food to landfill and therefore the circular economy may be the answer to both our resource and employment challenges.

With global changes now in demand and over ninety percent of the World’s resources only having a single use, the waste produced represents an enormous pool of resources that are there to be exploited. It is vital now more than ever that these resources remain in a perpetual loop to be used and cleverly reused.

The UK alone uses 5 million tonnes of plastics but only 7% of that waste is recycled. Plastics have many useful attributes and it is possible that disused plastics could be turned into reliable and sustainable materials. Plastics are strong, lightweight, waterproof and durable and in conjunction with these essential properties are also easy to mould and recycle.

Bailey Street Furniture Group in conjunction with Out-sider have been working hard to find a solution for a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. A new range has been created after extensive research and development; The Loop Recycle. Various products from their range are now available in 100% recycled plastic. The products can also be recycled again at the end of their life.

Changes to the urban environment and the planet as a whole present continuous challenges within the modern world. Bailey Street Furniture Group repeatedly strives to be as sustainable as possible, demonstrating a high level of consideration for the world around us.

Bailey Street Furniture Group offers the combination of innovative design, clever solutions and smart technologies for our urban regeneration and reallocation needs. BSFG believes that investing in well designed unrestricted urban spaces is vitally important, our immediate surroundings and environment benefit our quality of life and promote a healthier future that we all so depend upon.

Using world class design teams and utilising environmentally sustainable materials in conjunction with leading edge technology, Bailey Street Furniture Group creates inspiring integrated urban furniture with our future needs in mind.

For more information on BSFG please contact their team on 01625 322 888 or email To view the company’s wide range of high quality street furniture visit their website


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