Solutions for distanced and sustainable cities

Posted on 4th March 2021

Solutions for distanced and sustainable cities

With the need to be both distanced and sustainable city planners, urban landscapers and architects are searching for solutions.

The Loop range of furniture can be just this! used indoors or out, for various social and cultural contexts or to take an informal rest in and around our outdoor spaces. Loop Arc is an innovative piece of furniture for sitting and socialising. Attractive in it’s clean simplicity. Various options allow the furniture to unfold in combination with several Loop Arcs or other members of the loop family: twisting through trees, squares and playgrounds or forming variously shaped sandpits.

With its circular form and individual colours Loop creates a characteristic environment in urban spaces, parks, golf resorts, schools, amusement parks etc. The product is created for either temporary or permanent spaces. For children in schools and other institutions Loop will be perfect for a break or play.

Loop was inspired by the Ting – or assembly – of the past: faces turned to one another to mark a central gathering point. The resemblance of the shape of a large doughnut or inner tube which simultaneously provides an element of informality.

Sustainability is important going forward and the recycled version is made from 100% recycled polyethylene plastic, of which 85% comes from internal waste and production surplus, while 15% comes from polyethylene bags. The recycled version is eco labelled, promoting circular economy and fulfils UN’s sustainable development goal no.12. Responsible consumption and production are key.

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