Smart Green Street Furniture

Posted on 8th December 2020

Smart Green Street Furniture

With all in the world moving purposefully towards sustainable design we have to consider not just the movement of going green but also the social and economic benefits. Solar powered lighting for streets and recreational areas play a crucial role in the well being of the community. Solar powered lighting is both  financially smart and forever sustainable.

Solar powered lighting provides safety and security. It improves the overall aesthetic of an urban area. Extended light hours promotes a feeling of well being and encourages people to spend more time in public places. It promotes outdoor activities and keeps a community healthy both mentally and physically.

Smart and sustainable! Artform Urban Furniture has a bollard with an integrated solar power unit. Point Sun produces solar powered ambient lighting with no cables or complicated installation process. Cleverly the unit is environmentally friendly using direct energy from the sun.

Stylish in design the low version is ideal for parks, along pathways and cycle routes. The high version is ideal for installing between public footpaths and cycle routes, as well as roads or car parks to manage traffic.

When Faktor 3 designed the Point Sun light unit, they had in mind to merge very simple design with effective and sophisticated technology, to create a product rooted in Scandinavian design traditions.

For more information on the Bailey Street Furniture Group please contact their team on 01625 322888 or email To view the company’s range of high quality street furniture visit their website

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