Simple, Effective Solar Technology - Plateau Point Sun

Posted on 28th October 2021

Simple, Effective Solar Technology - Plateau Point Sun

Sunhub Plateau Picnic is a piece of urban street furniture that easily lends itself to becoming a social hub. It allows people to listen to music via built-in speakers and Bluetooth connection, charge their phones wirelessly or by cable and PC-charging.

SunHub is 100% solar powered, resistant to weather conditions, intelligently controlled and importantly carbon neutral.

You can also add light to the table top of Plateau Picnic tables by changing the steel discs with Point Sun. Point Sun provides an ambient reading light in the evening with no cables and no installation required.

During daylight hours the solar energy gets stored on a battery - through a solar cell. At dusk the light will turn on (via a preset clock) and light up all evening and night, according to the charged energy. At sunrise the light will turn off again.

The light is omni-directional and directed horizontally and downwards to the Plateau Picnic table through a reflector and frosted cylinder.

Mount Point Sun on top of your table and the light will automatically turn on at dusk. Because of the integrated solar cells and electronics, Point Sun is 100% energy self-reliant and therefore CO2-neutral. The unit works all year round and conserves energy during winter by dimming down.

View the Plateau Point Sun Picnic Table.

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