Protect Duty - The Safety and Security of Public Spaces and Venues

Posted on 21st February 2022

Protect Duty - The Safety and Security of Public Spaces and Venues

Last year the government set out a proposal, a new Protect Duty, that is to be a legal requirement for public places and venues to ensure preparedness for future terrorist attacks.

The ‘Protect Duty’, also known as Martyn’s Law, is named after Martyn Hett who was tragically killed in the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017.

Figen Murray, the mother of Martyn, has been lobbying the government to bring in new security measures since her son’s death. Murray has been key in spearheading the campaign around Martyn’s law and has spoken out about the need for greater legislation around event security.

Martyn's Law or the 'Protect Duty, is a proposed piece of legislation that aims to create a coherent and proportionate approach to protective security. The proportionate part is very important as not all sites and venues are the same so a blanket approach would be counterproductive.

Bailey Street Furniture Group has in response developed a range of street furniture that features a reinforced structure to help protect pedestrians and infrastructure in urban spaces. 

The PROTECT range is an ever-growing package of street furniture including litter bins, seating, and planting elements, all available in a variety of finishes and materials.

Each piece in the range has been impact-tested to withstand impact from a 1.5 Tonne Vehicle traveling at 30mph with further 2.5 Tonne vehicle tests taken on our modular planter system Inspira Protect. The aim is to offer enhanced urban protection without compromising on the aesthetics of our towns and cities by integrating barriers into street furniture.

Protect Range

When considering appropriate protection against terrorist attacks, city planners and designers need to apply urban design principles that have been tried and tested alongside new technologies and design.

It is important to ensure our townscapes do not become standardised and fortified, we must retain all the features that allow our communal spaces to be attractive. 

The physical measures necessary to prevent Hostile Vehicle Mitigation should not diminish the look and feel of an open area, it must still be welcoming and attractive to encourage visitors.

The PROTECT range offers discreet public safety that can open up busy urban spaces and create a safe and secure environment.

Find out more about the range - PROTECT range

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