New mixed waste collection bin from our Spanish Design Partner

Posted on 12th May 2022

New mixed waste collection bin from our Spanish Design Partner

Development of 100% Recyclable Plastic Litter Bin 

Bailey Street Furniture Group are pleased to be a part of the innovative future of product design produced from our Spanish Partner, Fábregas. They have developed their new Roma Litter Bin, made entirely from high-density polyethylene which is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. 

The Litter Bin has 3 individual compartments for separate waste collection and management. Each compartment is coloured differently for easy visual differentiation. 

Its unique, modern and integral design can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Expanding the projects and locations that this litter bin can be chosen for. 

Features of the Roma Litter and Recycling Bin:

  • Roma has 3 compartments with 3 individual liners, for the collection of 3 separate types of waste. 
  • The individual liners are 60L each, with a total bin capacity of 180L.
  • Equipped with a side door to facilitate the extraction of the liners.
  • Key opening system for the side door.
  • Designed to fix onto the floor to ensure proper support.
  • Made from polyethylene - requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Offers protection against UV rays.
  • Does not rust: neither the moisture nor corrosion has an affect

Innovation for the benefit of the environment

For Fábregas, development is linked to environmental awareness. That is why they work on the advancement of new products that not only respect our planet, but also encourage recycling habits in the population. 

“As the popular saying goes, curiosity is in search of novelty. Our curiosity and interest in the environmental cause leads us to seek innovative solutions, thinking about meeting today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Having clean and green cities of the future depends on everyone.”

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