Luxury Outdoor Fitness Equipment - MyEquilibria

Posted on 13th January 2022

Luxury Outdoor Fitness Equipment - MyEquilibria

As powerful as nature. The Equilibria outdoor fitness collection allows you to embrace the energy of outdoor training and take your wellness lifestyle to the next level. 

When you exercise, it’s better to follow natural body movements that make you more athletic and healthier, not just more muscular.

Furniture designers, professional trainers and a team of industrial engineers have worked hand-in-hand to create the MyEquilibria installations that are secure and technically accessible to all levels of preparation.

The MyEquilibria collection consists of 3 main product designs: MyTree, MyBeast and MyIsle. 

MyTree strives to shape the future of outdoor wellness and challenges every convention surrounding fitness equipment. MyTree has six standard designs, all are available in 3-leaves or 6-leaves configuration. 

MyTree has been engineered around the biomechanics of instinctive training, it was inspired by designs in nature, and has been designed featuring the same attention to detail, style and technological sophistication you would expect from a contemporary work of art.

The My Beast fitness structure has three standard configurations, each offering a tailored workout experience. All can be customised to meet your requirements. 

Engineered for professional athletes and sports teams, MyBeast is the essence of intense, highly-focused and result-charged training.

Conceived to help you advance and sculpt your body, build strength, power, agility, stamina and character, the MyBeast Innovative Workout System brings together the best of sports science, functional training and performance-driven design.

My Isle has two basic designs that anticipate the top fitness trends. 

MyIsle combines elegance, exclusivity and versatility in an outdoor gym measuring as little as 16 to 24 sq m. It also sets new standards for personal training and group fitness classes, allowing up to 6 people to work out at the same time.

Never before has outdoor wellness equipment been elevated to the level of functional sculpture. This contemporary and functional outdoor gym is the perfect solution for holiday apartment complexes, exclusive resorts and hotels, private gardens and luxury yachts.

The My Equilibria Range is available through Artform Urban Furniture

For more information on the Bailey Street Furniture Group please contact their team on 01625 322888 or email To view the company’s range of high quality street furniture visit their website

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