Loop Range supplied to schools and colleges across the country

Posted on 19th August 2021

Loop Range supplied to schools and colleges across the country

Artform have supplied a range of street furniture packages to schools and colleges across the country in the last few months. Here’s a snapshot of the projects. 

Fun HopOp seats for Cardinal Newman College

Cardinal Newman College in Lancashire is a Nationally top performing Sixth Form College. With an offering of A-Levels, BTEC courses and Higher Education Foundation degrees. The College is situated in the town of Preston, with a modern Interior and exterior to attract new prospective students. 

Artform Urban Have been asked to supply a selection of HopOp seats in colours of light blue and grey to match the college brand. HopOp’s are made from polyethylene, requiring little to no maintenance, and can be recycled at the end of life. The seats will be fixed in their location for increased security. 

HopOp seats will create a fun and playful atmosphere while also providing additional seating options for students to gather and relax. 

Seating, planters and bollards for Durham Sixth Form Centre

Durham Sixth Form Centre is one of the largest Post 16 education centres with an extensive range of courses and subjects for A Levels, BTEC and others. The Sixth Form Centre is located in Durham city centre and provides educational opportunities for students across the region.

Artform Urban Furniture supplied the popular I-Box bench, made from white High Performance Concrete with a Polished Top finish. The I-Box is a versatile product that can be manufactured in different sizes: The centre chose the cube, bench and curved bench designs. LED lighting was also included on the standard bench to create ambience lighting in the space. 

Additional seating was chosen for the campus including the Loop, Loop Line and HopOp 500 polyethylene benches in grey and orange colours.

White Lounge Planters and Bambu Planters along with Standard Stainless Steel Bollards were also supplied to the project. 

Rainbow seating for Lansdown School’s Secure Unit

Lansdowne is a secure children’s home that provides a secure environment and care for up to 7 young people aged 10-17. The home has a school within it to provide education to the residents. The school creates a safe space for the children to gain confidence and re-engage in learning. Lansdowne School is part of The Sabden Multi Academy Trust, run in East Sussex. 

Artform Urban have supplied a colourful selection of plastic outdoor seating in a range of fun shapes. The project worth £54k was managed by E W Beard Ltd. The Loop Range was chosen due to its hard wearing, easily maintained material and its gentle design. The products were installed across the site's five private garden spaces.

Artform’s sister company, AMV Playgrounds also contributed with some outdoor gym equipment which provides a fun workout station for residents. 

Colourful Plastic Seating for The Warwick School in Surrey

The Warwick School (now Carrington School as of September 2021) is a mixed secondary school in Surrey. Part of the South East Surrey Schools Education Trust. The School is undergoing construction, as part of The Priority Schools Building Programme, which will improve the facilities and the learning experience for all. 

Artform Urban are supplying a range of seating for the school grounds. The Loop Table, Loop Line bench, Loop Arc bench and HopOp 500. All in a selection of pastel blue, grey and yellow. 

Bright coloured seating for Letham Mains Primary School

Letham Mains Primary School is a brand new school in Scotland, enrolling pupils from August 2021. The new building has a modern design with lots of windows for natural light and a simple internal layout for students and teachers to navigate. 

To complement the modern building Artform’s Loop Range was chosen to brighten up the new playground. The Loop Arc bench, Loop Corner bench and the HopOp 500 seat were supplied in popping colours; red, orange and lime green. 

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