Innovations with Concrete

Posted on 20th June 2022

Innovations with Concrete

There are many innovations for concrete underway, researchers are generating possibilities for this important building material and striving to find its place within a greener manufacturing future.

Bailey Street Furniture Group are continually exploring the potential of concrete. It is now possible to create new shapes not previously considered with traditional concrete. It allows for pre fabrication off site under automated conditions which of course saves both money and time. Other significant benefits include lower material consumption, less waste, faster manufacturing times than concrete moulding and a greater degree of design freedom.

The Aris Modular Concrete collection is an exclusive range of unified concrete seating and planter elements that merge together to form an infinite array of possibilities within urban furniture composition and arrangement.

The Modular shapes come in many size options which form the basis of this low maintenance and resilient alternative to traditional street furniture. Their weight and mass also allow their placement to be considered in terms of building and pedestrian protection.

A broad palette of colours and material finishes for the main concrete substrate add an additional layer of customisation, providing the ability to expertly match and complement the distinct context of each unique project setting.

The additional use of timbers and accessories in combination with the Aris range offer landscape designers a flexible range of options to re-purpose and enhance your urban space.

The perfect blend of creative freedom and solid everyday function.


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