How to enhance cycle parking to encourage greater bike use

Posted on 17th July 2023

How to enhance cycle parking to encourage greater bike use

Cycle users will usually regard high-quality parking facilities as essential in order to be confident that there will be a dedicated space to park their bikes when they arrive at their destination.

But is installing a cycle rack, stand, shelter or pod enough to give existing cyclists the facilities they need to continue this mode of transport and encourage more people to choose cycling over the car or public transport?

Basic security of the bike when parked in public places, as well as shelter from the elements, are high priorities for regular cycle commuters and leisure cyclists for obvious reasons. Today, however, cycle parking facilities can be so much more than a simple bike rack and shelter.

The Cyclepods range offers products that give extra convenience and additional peace of mind from a security perspective – both of which are powerful motivators when it comes to encouraging more people to cycle.

Possibilities for Repair and Maintenance on the Go

Take basic maintenance provision, for example - With the Air Kit Prime tyre pump and Repair XL repair station, it is possible to provide cycle users with access to the essential facilities they need to be able to use their bike to get home or continue their journey should a simple problem develop.

The Cyclepods Air Kit Prime tyre pump gives cyclists access to a robust pump for topping up their tyres whether they have Schrader or Presta valves should they need it at their destination. It is a highly durable, heavy-duty product with a main body featuring a 76mm diameter steel tube, which is bolted down via a 180mm base plate, and the rubber hose is steel reinforced.

For rolling repairs that enable cyclists to travel from A to B with confidence and access to a variety of quality tools, the Cyclepods Repair XL stand is an ideal solution. The stand enables basic repairs, such as repairing a puncture or adjusting brakes and gears, to be carried out using tools that are securely attached using PVC-coated stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. The heavy-duty maintenance station allows hanging of the bike from arms so the pedals and wheels can spin freely whilst adjustments are made.

For other cyclists, enhanced security can be a more important consideration, and it is here where additional Cyclepods products offer an advantage to estates managers and property owners.

Decluttering Your Cycle Commute

The Cyclepods Lock Rack is designed to allow cyclists to store their locks which adds convenience because it eliminates the need to carry the lock to and from their destination – one less thing to carry!

It consists of a 550mm diameter steel tube ring with a laser-cut centre plate that can be customised with company logos, maps, images or text. This is attached to a central foot to enable the Lock Rack stand at a height of 1500mm. The product is supplied with a galvanised finish as standard and powder coating is available as an option.

Specialist Bikes and Cargo Bike Parking additions

A growing trend in urban cycling is the use of non-traditional bikes that meet certain needs in replacement of cars. Cargo bikes (also known as box bikes, carrier cycles, freight bicycles, cycletruck, or freight tricycles) are designed with a large carrying capacity, allowing for the transportation of goods, groceries, or even children. These bikes are often bulky and do not fit in usual cycle spaces.

The Oxford Brute Force Anchor is a mini ground anchor featuring a discreet yet robust design that can be mounted to the floor or a wall. This anchor, which achieved Silver status through the SOLD SECURE initiative, was initially designed for motorcycles and can accommodate chain and cable locks up to 12mm in diameter making it an ideal lock for cargo bikes.

The Oxford Brute Force Anchor is manufactured from hardened steel and anchored securely using anchor bolts into concrete. It is also saw-resistant. It has the additional benefit of featuring ball bearings to protect the anchor bolts which are covered when a lock is being used.

Further developments in specialist bike storage from Cyclepods include a modified and reinforced Sheffield cycle stand with a mid-rail. This elongated cycle stand offers multiple locking points as well as the option to support the heavy bike while locking making it ideal for large cumbersome bikes.

For further information on all these Cyclepods security and maintenance essentials, as well as all the other storage and parking products in the range, visit

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