Cyclepods - Supporting cycling infrastructure throughout the UK

Posted on 17th April 2023

Cyclepods - Supporting cycling infrastructure throughout the UK

As the world attempts to decarbonise, surely one of the hardest sectors to tackle will be transport - heavy on fossil fuel use, carbon-intensive infrastructure and a deeply ingrained habit of travelling by vehicle. One quick, simple and cost-effective way to reduce emissions with immediate effect is to get on our bikes but if the investment and infrastructure are not there this is not always so simple.

What is cycling infrastructure?

Cycling Infrastructure references all street items that cyclists are allowed to use. Bikeways are specifically for cyclists and include bike paths, bike lanes, cycle tracks, and rail trails. Roads are also included in this except motorways of course! Bike racks, shelters, service centres and secure lockups are also a necessary part of the above.

Why do we need this type of infrastructure?

Cycling is one of the most sustainable ways to travel. As cyclists, we have zero dependence on fossil fuels, and we produce zero emissions and pollution. The government has set ambitious targets to reach Net Zero by 2050, travel and transport are key to meeting this goal and reducing carbon emissions. In order to truly become a healthy cycling nation, we need of course to provide the necessary infrastructure to encourage a diverse range of people to change their daily habits.

How can urban planning improve the infrastructure and encourage our desire to cycle?

It is imperative that we improve cycling friendliness throughout the UK. Easily accessible cycle networks and infrastructure are key to reducing our carbon footprint. Recent studies do show that we are trying! More and more of the country’s inhabitants are embracing a two-wheeled life. The most frequent cyclists tend to be 25–34-year-olds with over half of all millennials frequently cycling regularly. Most adults believe that their local area is not currently equipped and most would welcome more cycle paths and safe routes. Interestingly Bristol is the UK’s most cycle-friendly city with a huge 1942 cycle route available.

Cyclepods EasyLift Premium Two Tier Bike racking can be found at Bristol Temple Meads Station, offering secure and accessible cycle parking for commuters travelling from Bath and the surrounding areas by bike.

Commuter cycling is also showing a successful increase in Manchester, for example, the junction in Hulme completely segregates cyclists from road traffic and is the first of its type in the country. 

Many councils are improving their cycle-friendliness. Leeds for example is developing a Superhighway Cycle Route. Civil engineering and town planning really will be the key to improving our infrastructure for cyclists.

How will we improve cycling in the future?

Protected lanes to allow cyclists to move around safely are most important but cycle parking is integral to building a successful cycle network and we know that fear of vandalism and theft deters cyclists.

It is important that cycle parking is well-designed, durable and secure. Cycle parking must be easy to use and inclusive of all abilities. It must also comply with UK legal requirements. Spacing and layout is essential and lighting must be adequate.

The Streetpod’ is a bike stand that offers maximum security for bikes in any public location or open space. The Streetpod has been rated Sold Secure Diamond, the highest level of bicycle security, and is officially recommended by UK Police through the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ programme.

Each unit secures 2 bicycles and features a modular design that can be expanded to meet any number cycle parking spaces required, They are manufactured from recyclable materials and are suitable for all environments and can be coordinated in a range of colours or even stone effect.

Enhanced security and e-bike charging docks

E-bikes are now the most popular electric vehicles in the world, becoming a new and easy way of commuting long distances without too much physical effort as well as making cycling more accessible to all ages and abilities. With increased numbers of expensive e-bikes in our towns and cities urban developers need to offer not only enhanced security bike stands but also secure public charging points.

Bikeep from Cylcepods is designed to meet this demand with secure locking points and integrated charging. Each Bikeep unit can be accessed using a mobile app or with a scan card giving e-bike cyclists a secure locking point with integrated charging on the go.

Bikeep is also equipped with sensors, loudspeaker alarms, distress signal forwarding and surveillance cameras – to give their users confidence when parking their bikes.

Case study - Commuter-friendly cycle parking at Lewes Train Station

A new cycle hub was needed at Lewes Train Station to provide secure bike storage for commuters. Cyclepods designed, and installed state-of-the-art facilities.

The Cycle Hub at Lewes Train Station works with a commuter travel smartcard, the ‘Key’, as an access card to the Hub.

The ‘Key’ doubles up as a travel card and free Cycle Hub entry card for Southern Rail customers. Cyclepods adapted their access technology to Southern’s specific requirements so that all entries and exits to Lewes Hub are logged using a remote software control system. Other security measures at the Hub include CCTV system and security lighting.

The Easy Lift 2 Tier cycle stands were provided to maximise the available cycle spaces within the hub providing space for 100 bikes. Where most 2-tier cycle parking stands are cumbersome and hard to use - The Easy Lift design utilises gas assist to provide accessible cycle parking - meaning cyclists do not have to bear the full weight of the bike when using the higher tiers.

Cyclepods also included a public bike pump and repair stand inside the Hub to allow for basic bike repairs.

Read the full case study here

Cyclepods work with clients on design, planning permission, and stakeholder engagement, and provide project management, preparatory groundworks, and full installation.

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