Crash Testing: What you need to know

Posted on 14th July 2021

Crash Testing: What you need to know

INSPIRA PROTECT features a reinforced structure designed for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) offering security & protection to pedestrians and infrastructure without compromising on the aesthetic values of a space.

Inspira Protect is IWA 14-1:2013 rated.

IWA 14 is an impact test standard that details the method and means of measuring the performance outcome for impact tested vehicle mitigation barriers such as Inspira Protect.

First published in 2013 the IWA 14 standard draws on elements from both PAS 68 and ASTM, major impact test standards.

It is vital that security systems specified are physically able to stop hostile travelling vehicles.

The measurements obtained from the testing are vital in providing information allowing planners and specifiers to choose the right product for the right position.

IWA 14 testing gives the most accurate representation possible, the following is data is recorded.

There are nine different types of vehicles which can be used in IWA-14 testing.

The weight of the vehicle can also vary.

The speed: Various speeds can be used during an IWA-14 test. However, the most common speeds range from 32 kph (20 mph) – 80 kph (50 mph).

Impact angle: This is most commonly 90 degrees (head-on), but can also be 45 degrees.

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