BSFG Brand Focus: Cyclepods supports the shift to healthier, greener travel

Posted on 8th August 2022

BSFG Brand Focus: Cyclepods supports the shift to healthier, greener travel

Safe and secure cycle parking facilities from Cyclepods are playing an essential role in the UK’s rapidly improving cycling infrastructure which is encouraging more people to make the move to two wheels for commuting, travel to school, college and university and many aspects of daily life.

Now part of the Bailey Street Furniture Group, Cyclepods provides a range of solutions offering a modern alternative to traditional bike racks. These can make users feel uneasy about leaving their cycle on arrival at their destination due to the exposed location and security risks.

Cyclepods are different as they are designed around the principle of providing a facility that is both secure and attractive. This supports the need for improved bike security in public locations without compromising aesthetics, whilst also utilising sustainable materials in the manufacture of the facilities.

Cyclepods are a versatile addition to the Bailey Street Furniture Group portfolio, offering an extended range of solutions for the public realm, far beyond cycle parking and storage. The Group can offer a complete external works package spanning everything from cycling facilities, seating and canopies to planters, urban protection systems, bollards and playground equipment.

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Innovation has driven Cyclepods’ product range since its launch in 2005, and today its solutions are used extensively across the UK. In addition to numerous local authorities, construction and corporate installations, Cyclepods has already provided 120,000 cycle parking spaces at stations across Britain’s rail network and more than 4,000 schools benefit from its Minipods and Scooterpods facilities.

The Cyclepods range includes six innovative ‘pod’ designs, as well as numerous options for sheltered storage, racks and stands, plus a collection of complementary street furniture products. These can be tailored to the application by Cyclepods’ in-house design team who support clients to develop bespoke solutions, and a full turnkey project service is available for an end-to-end solution.

With security one of the most defining features of all Cyclepods cycle parking and storage products, choosing any of the solutions will minimise the risk of theft and vandalism to cycle users. And for specifiers and clients seeking additional assurance, a range of Cyclepods options are also available with Secured by Design approval.

The Cyclepods range is at the forefront of technological developments too, supporting the ‘connectivity’ of the public realm. An ever-increasing number of technology-based features are being integrated into its cycle parking and storage solutions, including bike detection, access control and wayfinding solutions, designed to enhance the experience of cycling overall.

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