Are we a cycling nation?

Posted on 25th April 2022

Are we a cycling nation?

Cycling infrastructure is a term used to encompass everything that is related to cyclists and their amenities. Cycle paths on roads and streets, storage shelters, bike racks and service centres for repairs.

In order to truly become a cycling nation we need to build and redesign our cities to work well for cyclists and pedestrians. By doing this we will reduce carbon emissions and encourage our most adaptable forms of transport. Protected lanes to allow cyclists to move around safely is important but so will be the narrative of who uses their bike, the government needs to encourage people from all walks of life to embrace their wheels. Pedestrianised streets and wider paths, raised and well marked cycling lanes, bike hire infrastructure and secure bike shelters will all help.

Cycle parking is integral to building a successful cycle network. It is important to have secure parking at home and at the end of a trip. On street cycle parking is a cost effective way of providing this service. We know the fear of vandalism and or theft definitely deters cyclists. Having a suitable space near your home to store your bike can be problematic for people living in city spaces and apartments.

Street Furniture Direct have designed KUBE, a bicycle stand that works in conjunction with other products in this range. The design allows for the easy multi-attachment of bikes. It has a steel structure that is galvanised and painted. It features an interesting wood cladding section that can be designed in oak or hardwood. The KUBE bicycle stand is part of a collection of coordinated and design led street furniture elements that feature a minimal and modern style suitable for many urban environments. 

For more information on Street Furniture Direct please contact their team on 01625 879442 or email To view the company’s range of quality street furniture visit their website 

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