Protect Aesthetically

Posted on 20th July 2021

Protect Aesthetically

Over the last decade and in the aftermath of many terrorist attacks the swathe of concrete mitigation features first deployed now look far from aesthetically pleasing.

There is currently a view amongst security experts and specifiers that where possible these monster like slabs of security should be as unobtrusive as possible.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is becoming increasingly subtle, camouflaged where possible and embedded seamlessly with the surrounding cityscape.

The new approach features balustrades, planters or even artwork erected as part of the environment but also capable of stopping a truck travelling at high speeds. The new approach aims to balance security with a more socially acceptable landscape.

In 2016 an independent report on London’s preparedness for a major terrorist incident argued that London should be a city where security is designed and is part of the city’s fabric.

Long term our city strategists need to protect our pedestrians and potential targets through urban design. We need to find a way to retain a vibrant city in a pleasing and sociable manner.

Inspira Protect is available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes to meet the requirements of any site, but its structure is reinforced throughout to effectively obstruct hostile vehicle attacks. From the reinforced modular panels and increased supports, to fully welded reinforced corner sections and shallow mount foundations, Inspira Protect’s engineered qualities deliver a robust solution that is both practical, flexible and pleasing!

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