From the Outdoor Office to the Street Cafe - Introducing Backdrop

Posted on 1st November 2022

From the Outdoor Office to the Street Cafe - Introducing Backdrop

Backdrop is an innovative system of modular panels and accessories that’s changing the way outdoor spaces are designed. Its adaptability creates fresh and intuitive opportunities for rest, productivity and social connection practically anywhere outdoors. 

Backdrop, designed by Landscape Forms in collaboration with KEM Studio, is a system of modular panels and accessories with a simple yet important purpose, to define the outdoor spaces where people want to be. Yet there is more to creating inviting spaces than simply physical delineation. 

Equally important is the human, emotional component of how these spaces make people feel, where these spaces appear in their daily lives, and the types of moments these spaces help inspire. In the places we enjoy most, the right physical characteristics help to create environments that elicit the feelings, memories, conversations, and connections experienced within. The space sets the mood and becomes a backdrop for life and living.

Backdrop understands both these material and immaterial aspects of defining space by creating outdoor destinations that are as surprising and unexpected as they are uniquely appreciated and intuitively welcoming. Placed along daily paths, such as campuses, streetscapes, residential communities, shopping and hospitality locations, Backdrop offers a place for focus and productivity, a bite to eat, an impromptu conversation, or a personal moment to recharge.

Growing and Flowing Organically

Almost like modern metal hedges, Backdrop seems to grow both effortlessly and organically from its surroundings. Elegantly designating natural spaces, it flows and interacts with an environment’s existing features, and seamlessly integrates with the daily lives of the people who engage with it. As a modular system of panels and accessories, its applications can range from an individual booth or nook to a large outdoor gathering or productive workspace.

Versatility for Site-Specific Design

Wall-height and bar-height panels in straight or L-shaped configurations, and two additional heights for glass (small and large), are the adaptable base units of Backdrop, offering virtually endless customizability in layout, functionality, and degree of enclosure. The panels are adjoined by posts and connectors that create two-way, three-way, or four-way junctions at 90 or 120 degrees. Backdrop’s integrated power garage posts offer convenient charging for mobile devices. Infill panels can be perforated, glass, planted greenscreen or louvred in vertical or horizontal orientations to enhance ambiance and visual transparency. Glass panels can be paired with the straight louvred panels to provide wind protection and privacy.

Accompanying Backdrop’s panels is a collection of accessories to truly tailor the configuration. Integrated peninsula or in-line tables in standing or dining height create comfortable spaces for a meal, work, or conversation. Wood or metal bar tops placed on bar-height panels create casual, two-sided seating. Configurable bike racks, coat racks, and shelving units offer convenient storage for personal items, and inline provide additional seating. 

Kem Studio 

KEM Studio is an award winning design firm that fuses architecture + industrial design. This fusion is a natural extension of their underlying philosophy to design more approachable, livable and necessary in our lives. They are a multidisciplinary studio by design - with diverse talents and areas of expertise that allow us to bring a unique perspective to every project. Our collaborative approach extends well beyond our studio, to influence how we work with our clients and strategic partners. It is about cultivating ideas, no matter where they come from. Ideas that keep us intellectually charged and inspire fresh solutions.

KEM Studio previously designed the Upfit modular system

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