BSFG Product Focus: Bikeep - Smart bike docks and EV charging

Posted on 20th September 2022

BSFG Product Focus: Bikeep - Smart bike docks and EV charging

As we all attempt to work towards the Government’s recent Transport Decarbonisation Plan and intend to meet the 2025 and 2030 targets for cycling and walking, more of us than ever are choosing to cycle. The convenience of a bike for everyday tasks is catching on.

Our cities are at last being redesigned to accommodate cyclists and we are, as a whole, beginning to embrace alternative means of transport here in the UK.

E-bikes are still the most popular electric vehicles in the world, and they are continually in high demand. With more e-bikes in our towns and cities, the government needs to encourage people from all walks of life to embrace this sustainable trend. As infrastructure improves, the need for well-marked cycling lanes and secure bike racks grows.

Cycle parking is integral to building a successful cycle network. It is important to have secure parking and available charging during a trip. Bikeep has developed a bike dock that allows for both; secure parking and charging.

Urban transport is changing fast and the hope for a more sustainable lifestyle is within reach. Electric bikes, although popular, can cost anywhere from around £1000 and up! The price tag generally depends on the technology used, however even the most affordable are a considerable purchase. 

Obviously, a simple bike lock won't suffice and Bikeep’s smart bike racks understand the need for peace of mind and secure parking. 

To park your bike in these smart bike racks, simply download the Bikeep App or use your contactless card, enter your bike and close the handlebar. Review the status of the parking which should show as closed and enjoy your day with peace of mind!

The Bikeep rack is a more secure alternative to normal racking and is suitable for most commercial bikes. Each bike rack is sturdy and durable. The rack itself takes up minimal space and is easy to install. 

Bikeep works by locking the bike from the frame and from the wheel. Each station is equipped with sensors, a loudspeaker alarm, distress signal forwarding and surveillance cameras.

Each station is connected to the internet. This allows us to monitor the status, deal with any issues that users have and collect valuable data for you. Bikeep systems are up and running 24/7. What is also clever is that Bikeep can integrate with any system (mobile app, building access cards, transportation cards, barcodes etc) you have in place to make bike parking easy. Bikeep allows for full control of the system.

Although private e-scooters are not yet allowed on public roads or cycle lanes, we recognise that some people choose them as a form of transport. It is clear that for some micro-mobility users, safe, secure parking is also a requirement. 

Bikeep offers docked based parking stations which are perfect for shopping centres, offices, leisure centres and gyms. Each station is practical. Your e-scooter can be locked via our APP or by using a contactless card. Each dock offers charging. A clever solution!

Bikeep also offers smart lockers. Initially designed with long stay parking in mind. Each locker is cleverly designed. There is no need for cumbersome keys, the locker can be opened and closed by using the Bikeep App or a contactless card (RFID/NFC). The design is a cool elegant trapezoidal or rectangular shape. Each locker also enables you to bring your individual bike charger and plug it in!

To find out more about our Bikeep products below

Bikeep Smart Dock and Bikeep E-Bike Charging Dock

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