3D Printed Concrete

Posted on 13th June 2022

3D Printed Concrete

Concrete is a versatile material. It can be 3D printed, cast in a factory or in slip form. Concrete can take on many forms and is highly versatile. It can be curved and textured, shaped and smooth, polished or rough. Endless design possibilities!

At Loughborough University the research team has developed patented 3D concrete printing for the manufacture of construction and architectural components that could in the future be used for street furniture. 

The technology that they have created can precisely deposit layers and layers of specially formulated high-performance concrete to create complex features and intricate designs that could not be manufactured by a conventional process. 

3D concrete printing can provide a smarter sustainable future. Sustainable materials can be selected. Each manufacturer will be able to create furniture on demand, leaving very little waste and disposes of costly storage needs. Furniture can be made using repurpose and recycling programs.

The Hoba Bench is a monolithic seat in a polyhedral shape made from High Performance Concrete.

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